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Go-To-Market (GTM) initiatives, in medical diagnostic, medical device, life science tools, digital health, and healthcare service companies, are strategically critical in determining company success. Yet companies frequently underestimate the challenge. Mistakes can be costly, even catastrophic.

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    GTM is a complex and expensive mix of tactical task challenges, interpersonal and organizational dynamics, and competitive and other marketplace externalities. Maintaining mastery of them over time requires knowing with complete clarity what matters most to commercial value creation and then focusing and investing accordingly.

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    Successful GTM performance requires rigorous GTM plans that can withstand scrutiny when raising money, closing strategic partnerships, and negotiating favorable terms for M&A deals. Yet, the potential of new technologies may be unknown, and the extent of unmet market needs may be uncertain.

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    Many internal and external factors impact GTM performance, and they can turn disruptive at any given time:

    • Company Resources
    • Funding Sources
    • Regulators
    • Payers
    • Raw Material Suppliers
    • Strategic Partners, including Distributors
    • Contract Manufacturers
    • Systems
    • Competitors & New Technologies
    • Economic | Political Developments


The New Imperative

GTM preparedness and performance directly impact all key value creation moments throughout a company’s existence.


We Empower

The quality of GTM plans and performance will be the dominant factor that helps or hinders company valuations in equity, partnership, and M&A transactions.


We provide executives with a sanity check if there is…

  • Any GTM uncertainty
  • A GTM opportunity when
    time or resources are lacking
  • a GTM problem.


We assist equity investors who want a rapid assessment of a potential investment’s GTM plans before embarking on full and costly due diligence, or who want help with post-investment re-planning.


We help corporate partners assess GTM readiness, to enable resolution of any existing concerns and to minimize the likelihood of future surprises or disappointments.


We support investment bankers in evaluating potential client companies, to ensure the companies are ready for third-party scrutiny of their GTM plans in order to maximize deal value.


Create Opportunity

Nothing a management team does will impact the future of the company more than its GTM initiatives. That is why our GTM Advisory Services™, including the PowerLab™, are essential.


Dominant GTM operating performance shows up in revenue, margin, profit, and cash flow metrics. It requires simultaneous delivery of better, faster, and more cost-efficient operating results, with GTM activities beginning early in development and continuing aggressively and adaptively across the Commercial Spectrum™.


Only when these goals are met can pre-launch GTM activities be optimized, the course of under-performing products be corrected, acceptable GTM performance be sustained, and higher growth rates be realized.


No less important, GTM plans and performance are the crux of due diligence for strategic initiatives such as financings, strategic partnership transactions, and M&A deals, showing up eventually in company valuation metrics.


Overcoming Hurdles

GTM success requires overcoming three central challenges, to enable delivery of products deeply valued by the market in a timely and cost-competitive way, as well as to close strategic deals successfully.


GTM activities are numerous, complex, overlapping and time-sensitive, with many companies underperforming versus expectations.


GTM activities stretch organizational limits in new and unprecedented ways, requiring both the right expertise and an adaptive company culture.


GTM activities are conducted in a dynamic marketplace of transient competitive advantages, requiring both speed and continual change.


Filling the Gaps

GTM challenges, which frequently have been added to people’s existing organizational responsibilities, can be overwhelming – even for experienced executives.


Failure to focus on mastering the 3 GTM challenges and bridging the GTM chasm to commercial success leads to a company incurring additional costs and losing time, both of which destroy value and competitive advantage – possibly irretrievably.


Our proprietary GTM Playbook™ and Strategy. Performance. Results. methodology are uniquely differentiated way of looking at GTM performance and results. Starting with the early identification of an unmet market need, it drives home what key marketing and operations results – and their associated organizational demands – are critical at what time for eventual success, commercially and in strategic initiatives. That’s Know-How.

Peer-Level Partner

With broad experience as a CEO, COO, CFO, equity investor and strategic advisor during his 30+ year career in the life sciences industry, Don Hawthorne is able to serve as a Peer-Level Partner to operating executives, investors and bankers.


Our Solution

Clarity from our GTM Advisory Services™, including the PowerLab™, drive impact on both operating performance and strategic deal results.

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    GTM Playbook™

    It all starts by conducting interviews and reviewing documents, to tailor the GTM Advisory Services, including the PowerLab, to your company’s unique needs using the GTM Playbook. This proprietary tool provides a structured framework for determining what must be done commercially, organizationally, and competitively.

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    Frequently, a lack of alignment among management, Board members, investors, partners, and other key stakeholders will derail GTM progress. The GTM Advisory Services, including the PowerLab, ensure sufficient clarity to build a consensus around priorities, so that delivering the right results is everyone’s focus.

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    GTM Dashboard™

    Delivered in 2 weeks, and drawing on the Strategy. Performance. Results. methodology, your company’s customized GTM Dashboard will identify key GTM gaps and prioritized action steps necessary to capture value-creation opportunities and avoid risks that destroy value.

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